What to expect…

I’m small in size but my appetite is quite big.¬†Welcome to my blog where my love for food and expertise on diet and nutrition blend into a tastefully satisfying food experience. I am a Registered Dietitian working Phoenix, Arizona, but don’t let my title fool you. While I strive to help others find balance in their life with food, health, and happiness, I too try to live my own version of a healthy lifestyle while still enjoying the finer foods in life. Living in a city that is filled with culture and more restaurants than I may hope to try, I like to keep my taste buds satisfied and explore all that Phoenix has to offer.

What to expect from me here? Try my recipes or take a peak at my restaurant adventures. View my favorite spots in Phoenix or learn my tips to staying healthy and happy without restrictions. You may see a few…. hundred… pictures of the apple of my eye, my lovable and fluffy golden Eddie. Or, maybe I’ll just share with you some things about me and my every day life! Please reach out with any questions, if you are looking for restaurant recommendations, and by all means…spread a little avo on your toast today!


“Chelsea’s food plans were very easy to follow. There weren’t pages long; just one page had it all. She was extremely flexible in providing additional meal suggestions when I asked for them… I would highly recommend her.”

“Chelsea was extremely professional with a personal touch. She was very easy to talk to.”


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