Smart Snacking

A common question that I hear from people is: what are some appropriate pre and post snacks for a workout? Should I eat something before? Will it make me sick while I am exercising? What do I have afterwards?  The general recommendations for pre and post workout fueling are a carbohydrate before and carbohydrate+protein after.  Carbohydrates: give us quick energy that can fuel us through the workout (examples: a granola bar, handful of pretzels, small banana) Protein: helps our muscles re-coop after strenuous exercise such as weightlifting, cross-fit, or extreme cardio (examples: peanut butter, handful of nuts, milk)

The new “trend” for post workout snacking is to drink a chocolate milk. The reason behind this choice is chocolate milk has the perfect carb to protein ratio for refueling and rebuilding muscle. So, yes, it is ok to have that chocolate milk. I wouldn’t walk for 15 minutes and then chug 2 8oz glasses, though. That may be a little extreme. However you choose to refuel, it will be most effective if done within the first 30 minutes after your workout. Some other suggestions if chocolate milk isn’t your thing: banana and peanut butter, handful of almonds with dried fruit, apple and greek yogurt.

One thought on “Smart Snacking

  1. lovefitnessandpaper

    I’ll have to try this next week or sometime soon. Do you mind following my blog as well? I’m also into fitness on top of all of my other hobbies.


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