What to expect…

A little quick bit about me. Why follow my blog?

My passions are nutrition, fitness, and health. I am not one of those die-hard, protein pushing, health nuts that seem to think they are an expert on everything there is to know about food, nutrition, and fitness. I do indulge on occasion; I do skip a day at the gym when I really don’t feel like going.

I believe in healthy living…. however that may work for you. I am a competitive person, so I like to be active and compete (if you call 5k’s and 1/2 marathons competing; I do!). I also enjoy a relaxing, yet challenging yoga session. I am vegetarian, but I don’t care if you choose to eat meat. My “healthy” way of eating is simply try to get as much real, whole food each day and minimal amounts of food that is processed or made by someone other than myself. That doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy a scoop of ice cream every now and then or stay at home instead of going to a restaurant with my friends. I just believe everything is better in moderation.

I am almost done with college (yay!), but I plan on continuing my education sooner than later to work my way up in the health field. My first goal, become a Registered Dietitian; and I am so close to achieving that one! I would say my nutrition and health related knowledge level is about an 8.5/10, some may think more and some less. I am always learning and accept any constructive criticism that comes my way!

Throughout my blog I plan to post my tips on staying healthy (at least what works for me), recipes, a few of my fitness adventures, and anything else fun or beneficial that I think may spark your attention.

Have a happy, healthy day!

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