Yoga to Tone & Trim

I have learned about myself that I am the type of person who tends to over-do a workout that I really enjoy. Eventually though, I get bored, frustrated, and burnt out. Sound familiar? When this happens, I always revert back to yoga. Yoga is my savior when it comes to toning just about any part of my body. It is relaxing, can be done right in my own apartment, and shows results (at least for me). Yoga can get a bad rep sometimes, but from personal experience I would highly recommend it to just about anyone. There are different types of “fit” in my mind, and when I keep up with weekly yoga, I like the type of “fit” I feel.

One of the most stubborn areas to blast fat and build muscle is the stomach. I feel that this section of the body can make people feel either awesome about themselves, or attempt to hide behind a baggy, black sweater every day. Here are my top 4 favorite yoga poses that target the abdominal muscles.

Bridge pose (top left)
 Boat pose (bottom left)
 Plank (top right)
 Side Plank (bottom right)

 Bridge Pose Plank

 Boat Pose Side Plant

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