Inspire Yourself

I am all about inspiring others and more importantly, inspiring yourself. Sometimes a little inspiration is all we need to push through a workout or a really long, stressful day. Why do yoga at 8:00pm when you have already had a long day and really just want to lay on the couch and relax? Why push yourself to go for that 20 minute jog after a stressful exam? Why head to the gym after you’ve just paid a month’s worth of bills and feel like you just emptied your pockets completely? For me, exercise is a way to relax my body, clear my mind, and ease myself away from every day stressors, even if only for an hour. I am a big believer in all the benefits that exercise does for the human body, especially when it comes to yoga. Yoga can be my escape on a day where I feel lousy for really no reason, or feel like I have to many things on my plate and just want to go hid under my covers.

One way to inspire yourself is keep inspiring quotes, photos, or personal goals at easy reach or within easy eyesight. On way to do this? Make an inspirational quote your screen savor on your computer, or the first thing that pops up on you phone or iPad when you turn it on in the morning. Print out a picture of a fitness goal or a yoga pose that you are dying to nail and hang it on your refrigerator, or even better, make it a piece of art and frame it for your bedroom or kitchen. Inspire yourself daily.

I love looking through quotes and pictures on the internet. Here are a few that inspired me. Use them on your computer or send them to your phone and maybe they will inspire you too. Hope you enjoy them! I provided most of the links.

(this one made me laugh!)

Approve yourself yoga picture quote Approve yourself yoga picture quote

4 thoughts on “Inspire Yourself

  1. For me, I’ve found that telling myself that my workout, which is only 2-4% of my day, will be the toughest part of my day -I always found that very inspiring. I love believing that the toughest part of my day is only 4% of it!!! And that the rest is all cake, so to speak! Oh the power of exercise!!! Thanks for sharing this!!!


    • tinytremendousme

      And I am sure once that 4% is over, you don’t think or say to yourself “oh why did I just do that, that was awful?” Thanks for your thoughts!


  2. Lisa

    What I love about 4% of your day to workout is the fact that it is 4% dedicated to JUST YOU, controlled by JUST YOU. What a great gift to yourself.


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