Long, Lean Legs (even if you 5’2″!)

I have done a lot of recipe posts recently, so I thought I’d tap back into some of my fit tips! As I’m sure you’ve noticed, I’m a big pusher of yoga. Not only is it great for the mind and for releasing some built-up stress (at least for me!), I also feel you can get a great workout from it. For me, I have noticed that I feel more “toned” and evenly proportioned when I keep up with weekly yoga routines at least 2-3x/week (hense one of my previous posts). Yoga definitely challenges my muscles in a different way than running or even weight-lifting does. I mean, holding up your body weight while balancing and remaining still can be difficult! I know I talked about yoga poses that target your core, but this post focuses on a whole different area: your legs and butt!

Many of these poses are also great for engaging your core, but I have found that they have helped me tone my legs and are poses where I definitely feel my body being challenged and engaged. Remember, there are variations of many yoga poses. Never push yourself to where you feel a strain. If you have never done yoga before, going to a basic beginners class or even watching a few videos online, I feel can be very beneficial, both to learn correct form and to learn how to practice safely!

These are my 6 go-to yoga poses to help build long, lean legs! Happy posing 🙂

Chair Pose


High Lunge

High Lunge


Warrior 1

Warrior 1


Warrior 2

Warrior 2


Warrior 3 

Warrior 3



Bridge Pose


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