Put the bag down, and nobody gets hurt!


In my case, I guess this would say “bag of pretzels” since those are my number 1 salty snack pleasure. I believe I have used the term “mindless eating” before, and I want to go back to this topic for this post. Think about a time when you have sat down with a bag of potato chips, pretzels, or whatever your snack of choice may be as you were about to watch a movie, watch TV, or just relax for the night. Can you recall how many chips, pretzels, nuts, etc. that you ate in that sitting? Of course not! I could be terribly wrong, but usually an individual does not sit down with a bag of chips and mentally count out each chips that they put in their mouth until they reach the recommended serving size (and if you do practice this, then more power to you!). I am just as guilty of this habit as the next person. It is unreasonable to think that each time you sit down with a bag or box in your hand that you will tally the amount of the product that you eat, and then once you reach the serving size roll-up the bag or seal the box and place it back in the cabinet. I’m sure that you can see where I am going with this whole concept… all this mindless eating will lead to what? Unwanted calories. Actually not just unwanted, because you may not and probably don’t even realize you are eating them, so who’s to say they are actually unwanted? In my opinion, they are, so here is my method for stopping the madness!

PUT DOWN THE BAG. Actually, don’t even bring the bag into the room. Have you ever heard of monkey dishes? I invested in a small set from Target that only set me back about $2.99, and let me tell you they have become by best friend when it comes to snacking. Instead of taking the bag with me when I sit down to watch my Monday night Real Housewives of OC (my guilty pleasure) episode or hit the books studying for my exam, I take a handful of pretzels and put them in the monkey dish. The dish is about a 1/2-3/4cup serving (depending on where you buy them) if you fill it all the way. Once it is empty, it is my choice whether or not I want to put more in the dish, but even if I do choose to add more, I am being more mindful. I am realizing that I am having another serving, and after a 2nd or 3rd serving I can be consciously aware that I should probably not go for a another.

If portion size is something that you struggle with, I would highly recommend trying this out. Serving sizes are put onto food labels for our benefit and to help us, but if we are not using them then what is the point?  It is ok to realize when you have a bad habit that needs tweaked; I do it all the time!

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