Frittata in Mug…Simple, Easy, Scrumptious!

It is no secret how much a love breakfast. Recently I have been running a little bit more than usual due to great weather and my cancellation of my gym membership. Whenever I get on a frequent running schedule, my appetite typically skyrockets. This can be a good and bad thing for me. Good: I tend to stick to a more “6 small meals/day” type schedule. Bad: I eat a ton more sweets….oops. I have also been commuting a little farther to work than usual, which is fine, but it does give me a lot less time in the morning to prepare and eat breakfast. My solution to this problem: add a little more protein to my breakfast and have a breakfast that takes under 5 minutes to make.

My frittata in a mug was just the trick. It is so simple and takes literally 1 minute to cook. By the time my piece of multigrain toast is done toasting, my egg patty (or frittata as I’d rather call it!) is done and ready for a perfect little open-faced sandwich. This breakfast idea is so simple, easy, and versatile that if you are often crunched for time in the morning, I would highly recommend it! Here is how you make it…

Frittata in a MugIMG_9047IMG_9048


  • 2 egg whites
  • “extras” of your choice: my extras are usually a few spinach leaves, 1/2 a slice of lean deli turkey, a sprinkle of low-fat cheese, black pepper, and garlic powder

Add all of your ingredients into a coffee mug and microwave on high for 1 minute. Make sure you stop and stir the egg about every 20 seconds. If you can, try to flip it over in the mug towards the last 15-20 seconds. If you have trouble with the egg sticking to the mug and not sliding right out, add a little cooking spray to the inside of the mug prior to placing your ingredients inside.


*Incase you wondered: 1 large egg is typically 70-75 calories and contains around 180-190mg of cholesterol, while 1 egg white is about 15 calories and contains 0mg of cholesterol. By using only 1 egg white, you are loosing about 2-3g of protein in comparison to 1 full egg, so if you choose to use egg whites, 2 whites will equivocate 1 full egg protein wise while still saving you about 40 calories and any extra cholesterol. I am definitely not the egg police! Eating whole eggs is not a problem, I would just recommend eating fewer eggs per week if you are going to eat whole eggs rather than egg whites. A little cholesterol is fine, bit 4 whole eggs 4-5 days per week may be over doing it a bit!

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