Super Bowl Sunday

Good morning football lovers! With the Super Bowl in Phoenix this year, not only is the traffic at its peak, but the out-of state visitors are taking full advantage off all that Phoenix has to offer! Good food and drinks can be found at every corner, parties for the weekend, and events all throughout Phoenix.

With all the excitement and activity going on, it can be more than easy to over-eat, over-drink, and splurge in excess. Although Super Bowl fun only comes once a year, why ruin your hard work with maintaining your killer body with 1 week of excitement? There are many ways to celebrate and keep the added calories and pounds away and the splurging to a healthy limit. Just follow my 5 tips to Celebrating Without the Calories and enjoy your football-filled Sunday!

Celebrating Without the Calories: 5 Tips to Maintaining the Splurge

  1. Lighten up your beverages. It’s no secret that excessive alcoholic beverages cause excessive calories. The average calories in 1 domestic beer is typically between 110-150 calories depending on the brand. While I love a good beer on game day as well, drinking 5 beers can often times add up to 1/3 the amount of calories that an average-sized person needs for the day. How can we moderate these calories? If beer is your drink of choice, choose lighter beers. For example, Michelob Ultra has 95 calories/12oz serving. Three beers later, and you will still be under 300 calories. Another method is to leave 2 sips in each beer you drink. Let’s be honest, those 2 sips are typically warm any way and this will give you a chance to leave behind 20-30 calories in each beer you drink. If wine is your drink of choice (this is typically mine), cut your calories in half by filling you glass with 1/2 wine (a white wine will work best), a few ice cubes, and 1/2 sugar-free tonic water to make a light wine spritzer. Liven it up a little more with a squeeze of lemon, lime, or a few frozen berries. Lastly, if vodka is what you typically go for, choose calorie-free mixers. Often times we mix vodka with drinks that also have calories and typically sugar. Choose water or sugar-free tonic water with a few tablespoons of lemon or lime juice or squeeze a few wedges in yourself. You can often times save over 100 calories per drink by just choosing a lighter mixer. Of course, drink water in between any alcoholic beverage and be smart and safe! No one likes an over-served, noisy, loud party guest 🙂

2. Eat before you attend a party. Of course every party that you go to today is going to most likely have the game day food favorites. Heavy dips, salty chips, saucy chicken wings, and the ultimate favorite, cheesy pizza. While all of these foods taste great and go well with the sporting even, when socializing we tend to eat larger portions, not pay attention to how much we are actually eating, and go back for seconds, thirds, and even a forth plate during the game time action. Be smart… if you go to the party hungry, you are most likely to eat more. Have a snack that is high in protein (handful of nuts and some dried fruit, Greek yogurt with a little granola or frozen fruit, 1/2 PB sandwich with a banana, a few slices of lean deli meat with 4-5 cheese cubes, etc) so that your tummy isn’t starving the second you walk in to the party. Make one plate; if there are veggies offered for dipping, fill half your plate with these and then choose 2-3 other items that look best to you for the other half and enjoy!

3. Get in that morning workout. There’s still time! Go for a run, attend an early fitness class, head to the gym. Do what you have to do to get your metabolism kicked off and a little extra calorie burn this morning. If we are thinking basic health and calories out = calories in, there shouldn’t be any extra weight gain right? Now don’t take this TOO literal, but that little extra calorie burn this morning can definitely be beneficial in minimizing your extra calories in today. Just make sure you eat something after that workout so your body doesn’t become extra hungry 🙂 Have a quick high-protein homemade smoothie or protein shake before you head out the door!

4. Bring a covered dish. When you bring something to the party, you can 100% control what goes into it and how it is made. Choose something figure friendly that still tastes good and people will enjoy. Some ideas: homemade buffalo chicken dip with fat-free dressing, light cream cheese, and no extra cheese on top; you can also sub chopped and cooked cauliflower for the chicken for a vegetarian version that will be even lighter and figure friendly (and I promise no one will know you used cauliflower; I speak from experience); homemade black bean dip with low-fat cheese; hummus plate with 3-4 hummus choices and veggies and/or pita chips for dipping; taco dip with lettuce, tomato, light sour cream, salsa, and fat free refried beans; homemade flat bread pizza with grilled chicken caramelized onions, a little BBQ sauce, and low-fat mozzarella cheese (can also sub grilled veggies or slices of fresh tomato and basil leaves for a vegetarian version).

5. Stop when you’ve had enough. Listen to your body…it will tell you when it’s full! Often times when we socialize, we tend to ignore these cues and continue eating or drinking when our body’s saying “I’ve had enough!” Pay attention to hunger and fullness cues. When your stomach growls, you’re probably hungry. When you start to feel heavy or bloated, you’re probably full!

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