Tasty Local Treat — Feature: Mama’s Cold Brew

Ok… my 101st post (Uh, I know right?! When did that happen?!) goes out to my local AZ readers! I had heard many good things about Mama’s Cold Brew, a local Phoenix coffee company that appears at farmers markets and a few tasty restaurants/cafes in the area such as Chestnut (one of my personal favs) on Camelback and 44th St. After listening to a friend rave about the coffee Saturday afternoon, I decided to try it out myself.

IMG_1439 IMG_1440 IMG_1441

Anthem, AZ (Uhhh…. sorry if you don’t know where that is; I wouldn’t either except for my soon-to-be-hubby is from there) holds a wonderful farmers market every Sunday morning while the temps are still bearable. Mama’s Cold Brew makes an appearance on these mornings, so when life gives you a caffeine craving, coffee is the only fix. After heading down to the farmer’s market this morning and finally giving this tasty treat a try, I fell in love…. and I fell hard.

Not only is this coffee, it is a creamy, delicious, rich creation that just needed to be shared with any of my local foodie readers! A tasty combo of organic brewed coffee with warm, rich spices (if you love cinnamon, this is definitely for you!) topped off with a little homemade organic vanilla sweet cream creamer is the perfect start to any day (always in moderation of course… the dietitian in me speaking)! Yes, all of these thoughts are my own; no, Mama’s Cold Brew did not ask me to become obsessed with their coffee and spread the love. I’m doing it because when I find something this good, I think it needs to be shared!

Although the Anthem, AZ Farmer’s Market made it’s last appearance this weekend for the summer, you can check out Mama’s Cold Brew online or at one of the local restaurants that serves it! Hope you try it, and happy Sunday!


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