Focus on Feeling Fantastic…

Happy November 1st everyone! November is a busy month, and now even more busy that I have additional family! Today is actually my dad’s birthday, tomorrow is my husbands, mine comes around next Friday (the 6th… for those of you wanting to send some warm wishes my way!), and my mom finishes up the start of November with her birthday on the 13th. Actually, I shouldn’t say finish, because we also have other family members with November birthdays as well… talk about a month of celebrating!

I thought I’s start out this month with some positive thinking and putting the whole concept of “healthy eating” into perspective.

I hear it on a weekly basis… “Eating healthy is boring; I want to actually enjoy my food; Vegetables don’t have any flavor; I’m just not a fruit and vegetable person.” The list could actually go on much further, but I don’t want to waste a positive post with negative thoughts. The reason I point out these comments is because people tend to lose sight of why we should eat healthy in the first place. No, I don’t wake up every morning and think “Now how am I going to get in my vegetable servings today?” or  “I wonder how many artificial flavorings or colors are in this cereal….maybe I shouldn’t eat it.” I enjoy a greasy chicken wing or a big old scoop of full-fat ice cream just as much as the next person, but with my focus being “I want to feel the best I can each day,” the chicken wings and the ice cream tend to take a back seat more often than become the driver of my meals.

Focus on feeling fantastic.

Try this. One day, eat the way you know you should, and by that I simply mean: 1. Eat a fruit or a vegetable with each meal, heck… why not have both? 2. Drink mainly water. 3 Cook your own food; use as little processed food as necessary. 4. If it comes from the ground, give it a try! 5. Choose lean protein and maintain variety. See how you feel at the end of the day. My bet would be you feel: energized; awake; light but strong; happy.

The next day, go ahead and eat what you feel “tastes good” or what you desire the most. Whether that be a big old burger, a pizza from your favorite mom and pop shop, a bowl of chips and dip during the big game, or a soda to wash down your meal. Do the same observation at the end of the day. If all goes as it should, you should feel a difference and not a great one.

When we focus on feeling fantastic, the desire to eat foods that don’t contribute to this feeling lesson. Why taint a good mood, a good feeling, or the energy to do what you need to do with your best effort? It just doesn’t seem worth it. Fruits and vegetables provide antioxidants, phytonutrients, fiber, and so much more that is like liquid gold to your body. Pair your plant-based food choices with lean, organic, or minimally processed protein choices and you’ve given your body a map to success.

Focus on feeling fantastic and focus on being your best you! That is healthy living.

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