A Taste of Austin, TX

Although this is not local, I thought I  would help you plan your next trip to Austin, TX! My husband and I just returned on Monday, and when my coworkers asked me what we did one of my first answer was always, “Well…. we ate a lot!”. Austin was fun, eclectic, and full of food experiences. From traditional Texas barbecue to food trucks galore, there was a little bit of everything. We definitely ate our way through the city and tried just about everything… with the exception of a donut that was at the top of my list (I’m still a little upset about that one!). Here were a few of my favorites… I hope you try them out if you ever find yourself in this fun and funky city!


Iron Works Official Texas Barbecue

If you are looking for good Texas barbecue, definitely add this little gem to your list. Nothing fancy, but just what we needed after a morning of hiking trails in what seemed like 100% humidity. Jeff and I tried a sampler, which allow us to pick 3 meats and 2 sides. We chose lean brisket (you have to ask for it lean!), beef ribs, and pork sausage with a side of creamed corn and coleslaw. DELICIOUS. As you can tell from all of my other posts, I’m not really a meat person, but this was literally heaven on a bone. The coleslaw was super simple but very crunchy and fresh next to the meats. It can be found in the heard of down town Austin!




Moonshine Patio Bar and Grille

Talk about the cutest little restaurant ever right outside of downtown Austin. It is within walking distance to 6th Street but is tucked away just far enough that you can enjoy a few cocktails and some of Austin’s finest food outdoors without a peep. Pimento cheese with salted pretzel sticks started out our meal (I think pimento is common in Texas? Please correct me if I’m wrong!) and was full of flavor but not too heavy. I got a simple side of green beans and Jeff and I shared a decadent mac and cheese with green chilies and chicken. Don’t get me wrong, I have had plenty of green chile mac and cheese in Arizona, but this dish had a little more of a southern comfort flare than what I was used to. The patio was peaceful and the drinks were fabulous (my husband took a liking to Deep Eddy’s Vodka while we were there). This was is definitely a must for a relaxing evening outdoors!




If you want a tasty, local farm-to-table brunch, this is your spot! Located on South Lamar Blvd, this little eclectic little restaurant has something for everyone. With a simple, yet versatile menu this spot gets crowded fast, so make sure you make your reservations ahead of time! Although we didn’t try the mimosa trio (which looked fantastic) we did get our serving of locally fresh foods with a fantastic presentation. I had quiche filled with fresh veggies and a little bit of prosciutto which came with a simple garden salad. It was light, flavorful, and the perfect start to our morning! If you like things hot there are multiple local hot sauces or chile verde’s to try (I mean a lot!). Definitely add this little gem to your list!


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