Bouncing Back From Holidays

Ok, anyone else feeling a little sluggish today? I’ll be the first say that I love celebrating with family and friends, but sometimes I hate the way I feel coming off a holiday weekend. A little extra indulgence in sweet treats, decadent holiday dishes, and a few too many sips of my favorite red wine have me feeling a little groggy and a little swollen. While I look forward to getting back to the routine on Monday, it is often hard to wake up and feel motivated the day after celebrating and festivities. Here are a few of the things I do to swing myself back into my normal eating, exercise, and overall feel good habits!

Really quick….

I think ya’ll have probably noticed by now we have a new member to our family, Eddie. Can I just say this little fluff ball grew to the point where it is almost impossible for me to carry him in my arms for more then a few minutes. Holy heavy! Props to this little guys for doing so well on his first Christmas with our family!


Now for those helpful tips! Again, these are things that work for me. There is no magic trick to feeling your best immediately, but these things have definitely helped me many times!

1. Drink decaffeinated herbal tea before bed.

I do this for multiple reasons. Tea has always helped me relax and wind down in the evenings, which is sometimes hard to do coming off celebrating or traveling. Tea also really helps me de-bloat. I tend to drink mint or ginger tea with lemon, but see what you like best and what works best for you!

2. Wake up, and work out!

As terrible as this may sound, the feeling of sweating and just being active after a little over-indulgence feels more than amazing. If you don’t do it first thing the next morning, have a plan for when you will do it because as the day goes on it tends to be easier to find and excuse to skip this one. All it takes is one day to get back into your exercise routine! Make today that day!

3. Take a day off from leftovers.

Leftovers won’t go bad sitting one extra day in the refrigerator, so do yourself a favor and take a break from the holiday food. Make one of your favorite healthy meals filled with lean protein and veggies, and please skip the salt! Salt will add to any feelings of bloating or puffiness, so load up on other herbs, spices, or light sauces such as salsa or siracha.

4. Drink water and lots of it!

I tend to drink a lot of water as it is, but it’s no secret that water is the best tool for hydration. Yes, I tend to use the restroom a lot when I am drinking more water than normal, but who cares! Hydrating myself after a long weekend not only makes me feel good but it keeps my skin from breaking out after all the extra sugar that comes with holiday treats and sweets. I like my water cold and sometimes add a little lemon for added flavor!

I know those tips may seem very basic and easy, but thats because they are basic and easy! I am never one to complicate things when there is a ways to make them simple, so I hope you still find these helpful!

Hope everyone had a fun-filled holiday weekend and is ready for 2017! I know I am! Merry late Christmas and Happy Holidays from my little family to yours!


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