Whole 30 Journey

So, I think I have made it perfect clear I’m not about “dieting.” It almost pains me to admit that I’m trying the Whole 30, primarily because it means that yes, I am currently attempting to follow  a strict and regimented diet. I wanted to take the chance to explain why I am doing this and how it has been going so far. All of these thoughts and opinions are my own and in no means am I recommended that someone do or do not try to do the same. It has been an interesting experience so far, and to be perfectly honest 26 more days seems like quite a bit!

The Whole 30 can be used for a variety of reasons. The biggest reasons people choose to try to Whole 30 from what I have ready in the book thus far are to figure out if intolerance to certain food groups or components of food groups such as wheat or dairy exist, to lose weight, to kick sugar cravings or any other unhealthy habits with food, as well as to help with a variety of other health-related reasons (GI-related disturbances, diabetes control. etc.). I can’t speak on behalf of many of these reasons. I don’t have outstanding health issues, and I don’t feel the desire to lose weight. I am trying the Whole 30 to see what the hype is about. I hate not being able to give an educated opinion on something, so when someone asks me “How will I feel on the Whole 30” or “Do you know what the Whole 30 consists of; would you recommend trying it?” I want to be able to respond with confidence in my answer. Now, if my sugar cravings go away while doing this, I also won’t complain 🙂

Transitioning Into More Structured, Planned Eating

When it comes to meals, I like simplicity and nutrient dense. Let me elaborate on that a bit more…

Something I commonly have for breakfast is home-made oats or oatmeal bakes. In these recipes (Here are a few links to some of my previous recipes! Vegan Baked Blueberry Oats Peachy Cinnamon Baked Oatmeal Berry Almond Oatmeal Bake ) I add rolled oats, a variety of fruits such as raspberries, bananas, or blueberries, nuts, chia seeds, almond milk, and often times top them with a nut butter. This is something easy that I can whip up on a Monday morning, throw in the oven while I shower, and eat it the rest of the week for breakfast. It fills me up and combines 3 or more food groups to give me a well-balanced, nutrient dense breakfast.

Another thing I commonly cook with is quinoa or beans. One of my husbands favorite dinners is a quinoa enchilada bake with ground chicken, black beans, and veggies, topped with cheese, and baked in the oven for a simple and easy dinner that really only takes about 30-35 minutes (including the time for the quinoa to cook!).

Quick and easy has been hard for me to come by with this diet. I remember day 1 waking up ready for breakfast and thinking, this is going to take a lot of effort. I made sweet potatoes with eggs, sauteed mushrooms, onions, spinach, and avocado with a side of fruit which was delicious, but way more than I was typically use to eating. Come about 9 am, I was starving again. Give me another week or so (I’m on day 4), and I can let you know if it gets any easier.

I think many of the Whole 30 recipes are nutrient dense and packed with protein and healthy fats, but they are also time consuming and require lots of planning. I am interested to see how my body feels as I continue this process. The fatigue and crankiness that were supposed to set in with day 2 and 3 didn’t, so I’m just waiting to see what the end of the first week brings! I am hoping to try out some new recipes for ya’ll this weekend and get them up asap! Any comments or suggestions as I go through this process would be greatly appreciated. Thanks again and happy Friday everyone!

For more information on the Whole 30, you can visit this website: Whole 30 or purchase the book at your local bookstore (also available at Cotsco!).

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