Gimme the Snacks!!

Happy Friday ya’ll!! I’m spending my morning off with my pup and hub before I head to an afternoon conference, so I thought I’d get at the snack post I mentioned this week. I have always been a huge snacker. Usually when I am training or running a lot, my snacking gets a little out of hand, but in general, snacks have been a necessity for me to avoid getting the hangries throughout the day.

In my opinion, snacking can definitely be beneficial in getting your body towards that 5-6 mini meal/day concept. If you aren’t a snacker and that works for you, then great! Don’t feel like you have to just because I am talking about it!

If you do choose to grab a mid morning or afternoon snack, make sure you are choosing options that will fuel your body and give you that little boost of energy that you need. Grabbing a mini bag of chips or a candy bar will actually do more harm than good in terms of satisfying your body. Giving your body a quick sugar spike may have you feeling energized at first, but give yourself an hour or so and that energy will turn into a crash that leaves you feeling even worse that you did before the snack.

I’m going to share with you today some of my favorite snacks that can be taken on the go or kept at work (some of them) for easy go-to’s. I apologize in advance for any mis-spellings. My dog is dropping a toy at my feet every few seconds for me to throw, so my concentration isn’t the best!

  1. Luna Bars — I LOVE these little bars! Made with whole ingredients such as nuts, dates, and dried fruit, these are perfect to keep at work and give me that little energy boost I need mid morning. What’s not to love? Don’t let the sugar content worry you. Most of the sugar in this product is natural sugar coming from the fruit or dates. Apple Pie and Banana Bread are my fav!
  2. Mixed nuts/trail mix — Another one of my favs! I usually buy it in bulk from Sprouts or pick up a pre-made package at Trader Joe’s. I always get unsalted, raw nut varieties that have minimal-no peanuts in the mix (because why choose peanuts when other nuts have so many more benefits!). Pack with protein and healthy fat, this option is a great one to provide satiety and satisfaction! 
  3. Greek yogurt — If you avoid dairy, maybe skip this one, but Greek yogurt is one of my favorites! Look for minimal ingredients and little-no added sugar. Some of my favorite brands are Siggis and the Sprout’s generic brand. This is a great source of protein and can be doctored up for a little more calories if necessary! 
  4. Homemade protein/energy bites — Not only are these fun to made because you can tailor the ingredients to what you like, but they last long and can be made in bulk! I’ve attached one of my favorite  recipes for Raw Almond Cashew Cookie Bites ! 
  5. Fruit — I love fruit to help curb my sweet tooth, BUT it definitely doesn’t keep me full very long. If you struggle with keeping full, I suggest you pair fruit with something else like a nut butter of choice or Greek yogurt.

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