Finding Your Own Self-Love

This post comes from a few things that have been swirling around my mind recently, so I thought I would share a few of them. Good health is not always about what you are eating or how much exercise you do in a week (although these are definitely valuable players!), it is also loving yourself in more ways than one. It’s accepting your flaws and your “not so good days” as well as what you value about yourself. Good health requires self-worth. It requires you to fight to be healthy and understand that perfection is sometimes…. actually very rarely… going to be an outcome.

I throw this out there because I think there are so many things that can cause stress in someones life and decrease their ability to actually love their self as a person. Whether that is stress about eating, stress about being as fit as the trainer in the gym, stress about a job, or just having “one of those days” where an un-tied shoe makes you want to scream, I think taking time to find the positives is key. Finding a little positive light in a room of darkness is so, so important to feeling good and reaching that end goal of good health.

The American Psychological Association stated the following:

“When stress starts interfering with your ability to live a normal life for an extended period, it becomes even more dangerous. The longer the stress lasts, the worse it is for both your mind and body.” 

So how does this relate to what I normally talk about?

Food, nutrition, staying active and healthy. All of these factors can either contribute to self love or throw a wrench in your day that causes added stress. Think about a day that you meal prepped, ate a fantastic lunch filled with veggies (GO YOU!), went to the gym or a yoga class and left a sweaty mess, and then came home to drink a big glass of water and finish that list of errands that had been sitting on your refrigerator for the past week. YOU FEEL LIKE A ROCKSTAR. At that moment, you probably looked in the mirror and thought, “I can do this; I feel great, I’m working towards my health goals, and I am so happy with this day. I really do love who I am and who I’m becoming.”

Now rewind to a day the week before where you slept through your 5am alarm, so the early morning run went out the window as you rushed to get dressed and to work on time. Because you are late, you run through the drive through to get a quick coffee and well why not a donut? Maybe it will make you feel better? While your morning started off a hectic mess, you finally make it to work and get the pleasure of having “one of those day” where anything and everything is thrown at you. Swamped with charting or papers that need to be filed away before you head out, you leave a little late, get stuck in traffic, and well… I guess you aren’t getting to that mile-high stack of laundry that you swore you would do tonight (do you even have underwear for tomorrow?). You may have also looked in the mirror that night, but the little voice in your mind would be quite different. “Where did I go wrong? I can’t believe what I ate today. Now I’m going to have to work out twice as hard tomorrow… why in the world did I get that donut?? I’m so behind on my health goals. I’m never going to look the way I want to.” 

Day 1 = Self-love. When you love things about yourself or what you are doing and give yourself a compliment, you are more likely to stay on that path. Making healthy food choices or going to the gym seems a lot easier when you feel and see the benefits and love the outcomes. What can go wrong is when we have a day like Day 2. As I stated earlier, perfection is an unrealistic goal and self-love means accepting the bad days along with the good. Move on from the donut, and realize that one donut will not squash all the work that you’ve done so far to “eat healthy” and feel good about your body. Don’t stop the love just because you’ve had a bad day.

When days like these arise, I try to find some positive in my day. Yes, maybe I skipped my workout, but I went for that 15 minute walk at lunch. Good for me! Not only did I escape a busy day and relax for 15 minutes, but I did feel pretty darn good afterwards and pounded through all of those morning notes in 30 minutes after lunch. How awesome is that?!

Yes, maybe I had a donut for breakfast, but that’s probably the first time I have had a donut in at least two months. I love that I took a moment to indulge. That show’s I really do have balance in my life. Back to my normal breakfast tomorrow!

While I just unleashed all these thoughts on you, I hope maybe part of this resonates with your life or moments of stress that you’ve had. Always try to keep your self-love thoughts in your back pocket so maybe when those bad days come around you can bring a little positivity into your life and diminish the stressful moments. I’m not perfect, and I myself don’t always follow my own tips, but I sure do try! Happy hump day everyone!

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