Chestnut Fine Foods & Provisions

Happy Sunday everyone! I am so, SO excited to start sharing more in this section of HHK! For those of you who know me personally, you know that trying new restaurants and diving into the culture of wherever I am living is so important to me. Trying local restaurants, cafes, or even checking out local farmers markets is something that truly helps me accept where I am living and feel at home.

When I was living in Columbus, OH during my undergraduate career at Ohio State University and for a short time after graduation, I truly fell in love with everything that the city had to offer. For me, studying to be a dietitian did not only mean I cooked healthy meals for myself, learned about Medical Nutrition Therapy, and worked to make connections with patients or clients to help them achieve whatever it may be nutritionally they needed; I embraced everything that it meant to be in a profession that is centered around food. This meant that a lot of my free time was doing just that; exploring the different side of “eating and being healthy” by learning more about eating local and embracing the food market in the city I called home.


Now that I live in Phoenix, this is something that has really helped me once again expand my interests and feel of fulfilled as a dietitian and someone who simply enjoys living a healthful and happy lifestyle. Food culture is everywhere and eating local has become something that is even more important to me as Jeff and I have started to build our family here in AZ one paw at a time (sorry, no babies just yet!). I enjoy shopping at local food/farmers markets and preparing wholesome, nutritious meals for myself and my husband. I want to support local restaurants and cafes that source foods locally and work to keep the Phoenix food culture unique, hip, and ever-changing.

That brings me to talk about Chestnut Fine Foods & Provisions (finally, right?!)! Some people take brunch as the opportunity to sip mimosas (or maybe a little more than sip) and socialize with others in the fun and fabulous Scottsdale scene of Arizona. While this is fun on occasion, brunch is something that I actually value as time spent with my husband that we normally don’t get.  Because of Jeff’s hectic work schedule, I thoroughly enjoy the moments where we can share an early meal, soak up some sun, and really relax on a Saturday or Sunday.


Chestnut is a local brunch and lunch restaurant that is only open mornings and early afternoon. It is located right in the center of fun and funky Arcadia on Camelback and 44th street and is never a disappointment! Their breakfast menu is one of my favorites, with variety of options including egg dishes, gluten-free pancakes, and some of the most decadent waffles you have ever seen! Chestnut features several local producers, such as one of my favorite cold brew coffee brands, Mama’s Cold Brew. With an eclectic, charming atmosphere, this spot tends to thrive with locals for a quick breakfast, lunch, or even a cold brew and pastry to go. If you are looking for a quite, yet pleasant and unique experience this is definitely a place for you!


What is my favorite thing on the menu?

Well, that’s a hard question for me to answer, but I think I could narrow it down to 2 options. The Morning Bibimbap Bowl is a healthy blend of quinoa, sauteed kale, sriracha, and green onions with 2 poached eggs on top. Uh, can you say delicious?! My second favorite is the Banana Bread Pancakes made with a combo of walnut flour, oats, and bananas that is served with maple bacon and candied walnuts. Both of these choices are gluten free and leave me feeling satisfied and happy for the morning! Below is the Bibimbap Bowl!


If you are a Phoenix local or just visiting for the winter months, I would highly recommend you try this especially sweet brunch spot! I have attached a link to the website above in the first few paragraphs to help get your taste buds watering!


Thanks for reading as always and happy Sunday !

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