La Grande Orange Grocery

Ok, I know I skipped a few weeks but it is time for another local eats post! Today I’m talking a little about La Grande Orange, which is one of my favorite brunch and/or lunch spots!


Located on 40th St. and Campbell in the center of Arcadia, this quirky and unique “grocery” is fill with eclectic grocery and decorative items to purchase, fun and funky desserts, and a variety of sandwiches, salads, and fun breakfast dishes. Don’t worry, they also have pizza if you aren’t in the mood for a salad!

Every time I have a guest or visitor from out of town, I always want to take them by this spot! The grocery part of the restaurant has so many fun items to look through, such as unique cook books, specialty birthday or holiday cards, jewelry and clothing from local designers, a variety of wine and beer, and other unique items that can serve as fun gifts or conversation pieces.


Every time my mom is in town, she loves to go through and pick up a few items to take back with her. We also can’t help but grab a few of the desserts to share with our family. If you are a dessert lover or have special dietary needs, there are also gluten-free options if needed!

What are my favorite items at La Grande Orange? If I am coming for brunch, I almost always get the Heriloom Brown Rice Bowl which is made with quinoa, black beans, pistachios, feta, greens, a fried egg, and harissa. It is filling, super flavorful, and perfect after an early morning hike! I am also a big fan of the Vegetarian Sandwich filled with fresh veggies, herbed goat cheese, and havarti.


I owe a lot of my favorite local finds to one of my good friends who also shares my love of food and eating local! When I first moved to Phoenix, she was the first fried to really help me feel at home and get me involved in all that Arizona has to offer in terms of food and fitness! Because of her, I also love to hike and explore new trails throughout Arizona. There is so much that this wonderful state has to offer, all you have to emerse yourself in the culture of Phoenix and enjoy!



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