Eating my way through Vegas!

Well, let me just say the title of this post truly reflects how I felt after our Vegas trip. Food was a major focal point of the trip, and boy was I ok with that! We were fortunate enough to try a few amazing restaurants, and really get to see what restaurant life in Las Vegas has to offer. From breakfast to fully flavored and unique dinners we truly ate our way through this fun and fantastic city.

I’m going to walk you through 4 of our food experiences, as well as give you some general tips for eating while traveling and planning ahead. Hopefully you can use some of these tips and experiences to help plan your own fabulous trip to this city!

  • Hash House A Go Go $$ – $$$

This fun and quirky restaurant is know for its “twisted farm food”. While there are many locations, we visited the one located inside of The Linq Hotel and Casino for breakfast. Hash House serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and offers a wide variety of dishes from egg omelettes to chicken pot pie. I would highly recommend sharing because the portions are very, very large! I got the “Healthy Choice” which was an egg white omelette with 3 optional fillings (I chose mushrooms, spinach, and onions!) with a HUGE plate of fruit that accompanied the dish. Below is my mother-in-laws meal which was chicken salad between fried green tomatoes atop an extra large slice of watermelon!

  •  Giada $$$$$

This restaurant should definitely make your list if you are planning to do a fancier, upscale dinner during one of your Vegas nights! The restaurant sits on the second floor of The Cromwell hotel and casino and overlooks one of the busiest corners of the strip. The atmosphere is elegant, warm, and inviting. On the evening we were there, 2 violinists playing current music in harmony, which really set a fun and inviting tone from the second we walked in the room.

The “bread” preceding dinner was very unique and came with butter, pesto, and different toppings such as red pepper flakes to use as we pleases. I ordered the Spaghetti and subbed chicken for the shrimp. It came in a lemon, basil sauce and was extremely light, flavorful, and perfectly portioned. Jeff got the Bucatini which had a little kick from chili flakes but was nicely balanced with ricotta cheese. I would highly recommend this fabulous restaurant. Our experience was perfect from the time we stepped in, and I will definitely return during my next visit to Vegas!

  • Mon Ami Gabi $$$$

This cute French Bistro is located in Paris Hotel and Casino and is inviting, warm, and one of our usual stops when we visit Las Vegas. If you go, I would highly recommend sitting on the patio. Having a perfect few of the Bellagio fountains is such a treat during dinner, and the people watching isn’t bad either! Our service is always phenomenal and the delicious meals and warm French bread keep us coming back for more! I tend to order the same thing every time I am here (because it is so darn good!) and would highly recommend the Chicken Grand-Mere. The all-natural half chicken is succulent, flavorful, and perfectly paired with a side of mushrooms flavored with bacon. I always sub cauliflower puree for the pommes puree. Please try the cauliflower puree!!!! It is my absolute favorite side dish and is so well worth every bite!

  • heXX chocolate and confeXXions $$

Oh my goodness! If you want a little sweet treat after dinner, walk a little ways down the strip towards Planet Hollywood and you will run into heXX. If you have been to Vegas before, this ice cream, chocolate, and candy shop is located where Sugar use to be. They offer everything from ice cream sandwiches, to milkshakes and decadent ice cream flavors. Do yourself a favor and don’t pass us this sweet experience!

Tips For Not Breaking Your Bank When Traveling (with food!):

  1. Share!!! Meals tend to be quite large in Vegas. Even if you are not traveling here, ask your waiter or waitress prior to ordering how the meal portions are. If they tend to be larger, split a meal with a family member, significant other, or friend.
  2. Drink water. Even if you love to have a special beverage such as a glass of wine or champagne with dinner, it is no secret that alcoholic beverages have a price (especially in Las Vegas!). Order a beverage before dinner, but sip water with your meal to help savor that initial drink. You also want to be able to taste your food! Which a glass of wine can pair nicely with a pasta dish or a hearty steak, make sure you pay attention to all the flavors that the food actually brings!
  3. Pack snacks. Lara bars, KIND bars, fruit, mixed nuts, carrots, and dried fruit are a few of my favorite, easy snacks to pack and take with me when traveling. When  you are running around during the day, take a protein bar or granola bar with you and a piece of fruit. Munch on your snacks and you might not even be hungry for lunch!
  4. Refill your water. Places like Starbucks or other coffee shops will often times fill your water bottle if you have one saved instead of making you purchase a new one. It’s very disappointing that places mark up their bottled water (shouldn’t water be free?!), and the cost can add up!
  5. Explore the area. Often times restaurants located inside resorts, casinos, or right in the thick of where tourists want to walk, eat, and shop are the most expensive. Usually driving 10-15 minutes away from the chaos will save you a bundle on your meal! Use apps such as Yelp or ask your Uber or taxi driver where locals like to go for a nice dinner or a relaxing brunch!

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