Columbus, OH … My favorite city

Hi everyone and happy Saturday!! A few weeks ago, Jeff and I traveled back to Ohio for a wedding. This was the first time Jeff had been back to Columbus since I graduated, so we were definitely inclined to make the most of this short trip!

As always, hitting my favorite food spots was at the top of my list. I thought I would go through some of my favorite Columbus restaurants just incase your travels take you to this wonderfully quirky and fun city! I’m going to start with breakfast and work my way up to dinner and dessert. Enjoy!


Northstar Cafe

Nothing will ever replace this choice for me. Northstar was one of my favorite breakfast spots when I was living in Columbus and of course didn’t disappoint during our trip home. This cute and trendy restaurant serves food all day, but their breakfast is definitely something to brag about. Whether you are looking for savory or sweet, there is an option for everyone!

My favorite dish is the Sweet Potato and Turkey Hash, which consists of applewood smoked turkey, red pepper, sweet onion, sautéed sweet potato, and 2 sunny side up eggs. If you are looking to the perfect plate of protein and veggies, this is it! A close second is the Big Burrito which also contains roasted sweet potatoes and eggs as well as organic black beans, sautéed peppers and onions, white cheddar cheese, and house made salsa wrapped in a warm tortilla. If you have a sweet tooth, make sure to try the black cherry preserves on a warm buttermilk biscuit!



Alchemy Juice Bar + Cafe

While I didn’t get to visit this yummy little spot this trip, I have had the pleasure of eating at Alchemy before. It is such a little treat! The menu is always changing, so expect something new and yummy if you become a frequent flyer.

Now… let’s talk about the toast. I am a toast fanatic. Give me a hearty piece of toast topped with delicious ingredients, and I am a happy girl! Alchemy has a unique list of yummy toast options that can satisfy any palate whether you are looking for savory or a little sweet. If you like the traditional PB and banana, I suggest you try the Banana Almond Butter toast topped with a thick spread of almond butter, sliced bananas, cacao nibs, cinnamon, and maple syrup. It is absolutely delicious!



If you want a quaint and charming dinner with an amazing atmosphere and a delicious menu this is definitely one of my top choices! Close to night life or other charming cafes, bars, and boutiques, Marcella’s is located in the heart of the Short North. Every tim I go to this restaurant it’s packed with people waiting for a table or enjoying a drink at the bar.

This was one of my favorite spots to bring my mom when I was a student at Ohio State. The menu consists of traditional Italian dishes such as Chicken Parmesan and Spaghetti and Meatballs, as well as trendy and unique menu items such as Crispy Potato Pizza with pancetta, parmesan onions, and arugula. It is the perfect place to gather with family or friends and enjoy a great meal with good company!


Jeni’s Ice Cream

Whether you are in the mood for Sweet Cream Biscuits and Peach Jam or traditional Cookies and Cream, Jeni’s has a little something for everyone. If you are looking for something to liven up your tastebuds, this is definitely a place to visit. All of Jeni’s ice creams are buttery and smooth without fillers, artificial flavors, dies, or emulsifiers. If you want a pure and simply satisfying scoop of ice cream, Jeni’s will definitely check your box!

Oh and incase you were wondering…. they deliver! My mom has shipped us a holiday pack of Jeni’s ice cream all the way to Arizona, and it tasted just as good as it does in the cone!


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