Bumpdate: 2nd Trimester

Well hello there friends! Blogging, doing my newsletters, and really all things HHK have taken a back seat these past few months as I’ve tried to really soak in and enjoy the stages of pregnancy! I’m trying to stay present and in the moment with both experiencing changes in myself and my body and preparing in many ways for this little girl to come into our lives!

I thought I would take some time on this chilly Sunday afternoon to do my 2nd trimester bump-date and share how the past few weeks have been. We are halfway through the second trimester…. WHAT! At the 20 week mark I had this slight moment of panic (and excitement!!) that we only had 20 weeks left to prepare both physically and mentally for this little being coming into our lives. Truly how can you feel so on track and ready for a new life, and in the same breath be completely overwhelmed by how much left there is to do before that moment comes.

Regardless of all the back and fourth emotions, I am getting more and more excited each day to meet baby Ella and start our beautiful life with her! At 19 weeks we had the fun and exhilarating experience of our anatomy ultrasound, which gave us a real time look at our little girl moving and squirming around in my tummy. Talk about amazing! My faith has only been strengthened each time I see that little life and hear her heart beating through my skin; it really is God’s most amazing work of art right before me eyes.

Another wonderful thing that has come with the second trimester has been a new breath of energy and enthusiasm to start exercising again. My nausea has subsided and food has become fun and enjoyable for me once more (well… most of it!)! While I’m still not able to really run as I had hoped during pregnancy, I am keeping my cardio up with long, fast-paced walks up and down the hilly roads of our development. I’ve also started lifting light weights again which has been great for getting my muscles seasoned and ready for my growing body.

Now for the fun stuff….

As I continue to grow, I have gotten a lot of tidbits of information whether I have asked for them or not. Some  have been silly comments such as “I shouldn’t walk through a metal detector at security when flying” (don’t worry…. this is false, but caused me a great deal of panic after I did recently), and others have been helpful. I thought I would share one particular topic that may be common amongst other soon to be mamas and help ease nerves or encourage you to always ask your doctor if you have a concern! This topic of conversation was that I should be feeling baby move frequently before the 20 week mark.

It was hard for me to hear that other people had felt very solid movement or “kicking” before 20 weeks. I thought I felt some movement around 16 weeks, but then after going multiple weeks of feeling NOTHING, I started to worry that something was wrong. While some girls told me they had the same experience, I felt others would look at me funny or questions me when I explained I really didn’t think I had felt anything yet. After my last OB appointment, I found out I have an anterior placenta. This simply means my placenta sits in the frontal part of my uterus and in front of baby. This is totally normal and does not effect labor/delivery whatsoever but can prevent you from feeling movement early in the 2nd trimester. As time went on, I slowly started to feel little jabs in the outer sides of my lower abdomen. I was SO happy and relieved to know why it took a little longer and encourage all mamas to ask questions if you have this same concern!

Thank you for reading and coming along for this exciting ride!! I will be back for the 3rd trimester bump-date soon. Please continue to wish us and our growing baby well!



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