Hospital Bag Round Up

Remember when I said I would tell you about what I packed for the hospital? Well, here we go! My pre-planning brain was all over the hospital bag well before we knew I was having a C-section. Once we found out the new plan for delivery, my bag grew a bit as we were told we would stay anywhere from 2-3 nights or until I was stable to discharge. I will break the list into 2 categories – MUST HAVES and LEAVE AT HOME.

Disclaimer ! — I am no expert on what anyone needs for L&D! I will say, if you have a brain like mine you may think more is always better. I can say with absolute certainty, that more was definitely not better in our case, BUT I am happy I listened to my gut and packed items that would make me comfortable after delivery. To me, wearing around a hospital gown was quite uncomfortable and made me feel sluggish and just downright yucky. I empathize with those that spend days, weeks, or months in hospital rooms wearing a hospital gown and totally understand why people often times bring so much stuff from home. Feeling like you have something that is “yours” can be very comforting and make you feel a little more at ease and relaxed — again, just my opinion!


My Hospital Bag


MUST HAVE – Comfy PJs. I purchased a new pair of pjs with a button-up top for nursing that I kept clean and waiting just for that special day! I was so excited on post-op day 1 when my nurse removed my catheter and allowed me to change into my pjs! They were so soft, comforting, and made me feel a little more awake and put together when visitors stopped by! I’m linking my exact pj set here — Star’s Above – Floral Print, Pink

MUST HAVE – Comfy nursing bras. I purchased a two pack of simple nursing bras that were comfortable enough to sleep in. My nugget was a ravenous eater from day 1 so when my milk started coming in, it can in STRONG. Sleeping in a nursing bra was actually more comfortable than being bare chested. I’m linking my favorite, affordable sleep nursing bras here —Maternity Seamless Crossover Sleep and Nursing Bra

LEAVE AT HOME – Diaper, wipes, all the newborn changing items! Our hospital provided ALL of this stuff. I was so set on having my cute, eco-friendly diapers for changing our precious little girl, but friends this was a definite leave at home. We would maybe see a diaper for a few hours (if that), tops! We went through so many darn diapers in the 3 days we hung out in our hospital room that I did not even consider busting out my cute little giraffe print diapers! If I could guess we went through a minimum of 12-15 diapers a day.

MUST HAVE – Snacks (a lot of them!). I am so thankful we brought snacks (fig bars, Cliff bars, KIND bars, cocoa almonds, etc) to have in our room. Not only did breast feeding make me extremely hungry, but having items of our own to have out in between meals saved us from constantly having to buy snacks from the cafeteria (which weren’t that great to begin with!).

LEAVE AT HOME – Nipple cream. The hospital actually had this there for me! I had brought a little of my own to try, assuming it would be helpful after my first day of breastfeeding. It was definitely helpful and soothing, but I never opened my own container! I just used what the hospital provided.

MUST HAVE – Professional camera (if you already own one!). I’m so happy Jeff though to pack this! He snapped a few photos that we will honestly cherish forever. Our hospital had professional photographers come to each room and offered to take pictures, but they were extremely pricey. The pictures he took were personal, casual, and very special to us!

LEAVE AT HOME – Boppy. My nurses were all little angels sent to me from breastfeeding Gods. They set up pillows in ways I still haven’t been able to master at home to make breastfeeding easy as pie in my hospital bed. Also, for those of you having a c-section, the Boppy will not work regardless immediately after! My stomach/incision site was much to tender and sore to have anything on top of it!

MUST HAVE – Toiletries (body wash, shampoo, tooth paste, etc.). Once I was able to shower having my own shampoo, body wash, etc. helped me take a relaxing shower and just feel better. Of course I didn’t not bring our big bottles from home. I had purchased travel sizes ahead of time from Target!

MUST HAVE – Multiple onesies for your little one! Blowouts, frequent wet diapers, and inexperienced parents led to dirty onesies — have back ups!

LEAVE AT HOME – Hair straightener. I don’t know what made me think I’d have time or energy to straighten my hair! I’m rolling my eyes at myself as I’m typing….. replace this one with a hat! (My mom ended up bringing me a hat from home which I wore the day we discharged!)


I hope this was a little helpful to those of you that will soon be in the same position! Regardless of what you bring, just remember to pack what you feel you will use and what will make you and your little one comfortable. Good luck!





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