Frittata in Mug…Simple, Easy, Scrumptious!

It is no secret how much a love breakfast. Recently I have been running a little bit more than usual due to great weather and my cancellation of my gym membership. Whenever I get on a frequent running schedule, my appetite typically skyrockets. This can be a good and bad thing for me. Good: I tend … Continue reading Frittata in Mug…Simple, Easy, Scrumptious!


Taunting Tummy Grumbles

Ever feel like you're constantly hungry? Do you eat a big lunch, feel full, but then an hour later find yourself craving a snack or hear a little grumble sneak out? This use to be a huge problem of mine for quite sometime, and even through my years of school and preparation for becoming a … Continue reading Taunting Tummy Grumbles