Happy Sunday everyone! I think this is such an important topic to talk about today. I'm not just talking about how stress can effect your food intake or food choices, but I also want to share how it can effect your body in general. I'll also share some ways I've learned to manage stress through food … Continue reading STRESSED


Controlling the Cocktails

This is going to be a fun post... really! I think ya'll are going to like! Now, I know everyone may not be on the same page here so if you are like me and look forward a refreshing cocktail Friday after a long work week then you should probably keep reading. If that doesn't … Continue reading Controlling the Cocktails

Food for thought…

You know, sometimes I wonder if we have created our own problems with obesity, morbid obesity, the increase in Type 2 diabetes, and the high prevalence of eating disorders that torment so many teens to the point of depression. As a practicing dietitian, I sometimes find myself slipping into the commonality of talking about "healthy … Continue reading Food for thought…