I graduated with my Bachelor’s degree from Ohio State University through the college of Allied Medical Professions. I also completed a year-long dietetic internship in Columbus, OH prior to passing a certification exam to become a Registered Dietitian.

In 2017 I obtained a Master’s degree in nutrition and dietetics from Arizona State University and also received a Certificate in Training for Childhood and Adolescent Weight Management.

I have been a practicing dietitian for about 4 years. Thus far in my career I have worked in community nutrition, serving at risk youth and infants, as well as clinical nutrition where my primary focus is oncology and hematology. I have also done private counseling or meal planning for adults when time permits.

3 thoughts on “Credentials

  1. Hi Chelsea! I love your blog and think it’s so awesome that you’re continuing your education in Arizona. I am also from Ohio and finishing my last year at Arizona State University! Although I’m finishing through their online campus, I thought that was such a coincidence. I’m looking forward to seeing more of your recipes and posts!


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